“Be Wild Be Free” Experience cocktail in a sentiment natural atmospere at Wild Bar

TRAVEL & LIVING 6 years ago

          The front yard of the house was turned into a romantic bar by the two foreign founders. In a fresh green environment, the Siem Reap-based bar is decorated with natural elements, the floor covered with green grass and the whole bar lit by soft dim orange light bulbs with soft music playing in the background. The Wild Bar just opened May 2018; however, we observed that it becomes increasingly popular among customers, especially foreign tourists who stay in Siem Reap to visit the historical city of Angkor. Decoration, beverages, food, prices and service come entirely in conditions with which all customers are satisfied. For the atmosphere is super favorable, People drop in again and again for their gathering.

          Anyone who passes Wild Bar cannot help eyeing into the bar for its naturally lively design. Lovely tiny chairs and tables are placed orderly on the grass floor for carrying delicious foods and drinks.

          Wild Bar was founded by a French couple who fell in love with Khmer culture, tradition and people quite a long time ago. Owing to their affection for nature and the environment, this dear couple was inspired to found this sweet sentimental bar. Apart from having the bar garnished as a place of greenery, the founders also created their own drink recipes with organic flavors, many of them extracted from homegrown plants from their small garden and some other bought directly from local traders. A variety of drinks, including Cocktails, carry a unique taste unlike any other place has ever offered. The people who have tried the drinks in this bar are amazed by a sip of the beverage. Wild Bar offers cocktails with flavors invented by the founders themselves, some of which are Rossel, Vanilla, Kampot peppers, and so on. Stepping into the bar, you will notice an amazing wall art painted by the artist Tamara Venn.

          One of the bestsellers of this bar is the drink Tamara Venn which is named after the artist. On top of that, Caipirinha, as well, is a  cocktail with great reputation and very popular among many visitors. On top of that, Wild bar also provides various dishes of both Khmer and Western taste prepared by the skillful cook of the bar. Wild Bar welcomes all customers everyday from 5 pm to 11 pm, personally served by the founders.

Translated by FIRST CLASS, Article by KEO SONG